Chat when you’re free and we’ll plant a tree – or 89 of them! Featured Image

Chat when you’re free and we’ll plant a tree – or 89 of them!

12 Feb 21

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The Challenge

To offset 77 tons of CO2 emissions by planting 77 trees!


The travel restrictions and being unable to travel to conferences for the majority of 2020 made us reflect on the effect attending conferences has on the environment. It also meant that for events like Biotech showcase, BIO, JP Morgan week and multiple other meetings throughout the year, we had to connect with current and prospective clients a little differently this year.

One person travelling to San Francisco generates 11 tons of CO2 emissions.

Throughout a single year, tranScrip’s staff normally produce roughly 77 tons of CO2 emissions as a direct result of flying to conferences.

Our goal, in JP Morgan week, was to plant a tree for every virtual meeting we held to offset a whole year’s worth of carbon!

Carbon Footprint is a charity which allows us to directly offset the amount of carbon we have produced by various projects; one project is to plant trees.

How did we do?

As of 31st January, we held 89 meetings. That is 89 trees in the surrounding areas of the Thames Valley, where tranScrip’s head office is located, to support the local community.

Thanks to all our clients and new contacts that have attended meetings with us and therefore helped support this fantastic cause. It was a great way of making new contacts and keeping in touch with you in these extraordinary times.

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