Development Milestone: Mithra announces top-line results for COVID-19 estrogen study Featured Image

Development Milestone: Mithra announces top-line results for COVID-19 estrogen study

24 Sep 21

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tranScrip is pleased to announce that Mithra together with tranScrip have completed the top-line analysis of the data from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of estetrol (E4) for the treatment of hospitalized patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. E4 is a native occurring estrogen produced by the human fetus during pregnancy.

This is the first prospective clinical trial of an estrogen to report results in COVID-19.

The CORONESTA® Phase II study included 175 male and female patients who were hospitalized with moderate COVID-19 and aimed to assess the safety and efficacy of E4 in this population.

The top-line results showed the following:

  • Estetrol (E4) did not differ from placebo on the primary study endpoint, but no firm conclusion can be made due to confounding factors
  • E4 was well-tolerated with no apparent safety signals in hospitalized men or post-menopausal women suffering from moderate COVID-19
  • No adverse effect observed on clotting markers or COVID-19 related embolic events
  • These first data in comorbid patients, both male and female, further support the unique safety profile of estetrol

Data from the study were presented on 23rd September 2021 at the North American Menopause Society’s Annual Conference (link).

Mithra together with tranScrip will continue to explore the complexity of the data, especially the possible impact on the study outcome of the patients’ multiple other medical conditions and treatments, as well as further analysing laboratory markers including viral load.

For further reading, please visit Mithra Press Release.

Notes for Editors

Phase II Design

The Phase II study was an international, multicenter study that evaluated the safety and efficacy of estetrol (E4) 15 mg tablet, relative to placebo, in 175 patients (male/female) hospitalized with moderate COVID-19 (i.e., not on high flow oxygen or mechanical ventilation). Patients were randomly assigned to receive either E4 or identical placebo for 21 days. All patients received anticoagulant therapy as part of standard-of-care for COVID-19 for 21 days. The clinical program included centers in Belgium, Russia, and Poland.

The primary assessment of the study was the ability of E4 to increase the percentage of patients hospitalized with moderate COVID-19 that recover within 28 days compared with placebo. The secondary assessments included evaluation of safety (including markers of potential blood clotting), and measurements of disease worsening, time to recovery and viral load. Exploratory biochemical markers of inflammation and other measures of disease progress were also collected.

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Mithra Press Release

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