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tranScrip’s Outgoing Managing Partner becomes President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

10 Nov 21

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tranScrip is delighted to announce that Dr Flic Gabbay has taken up office as the new President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM). Flic, a co-founder of tranScrip, has spent 4 decades in drug development. Over the last 14 years, she has led tranScrip on multiple innovative projects and drug registrations for over 250 clients.

Being elected President is particularly important to Flic as she Chaired the RCP London Steering Committee which founded FPM as part of the three UK Colleges of Physicians in 1989.

Flic is an active Fellow of the Academy of Medical Science and is passionate about bringing pharmaceutical medicine into mainstream medical science and its application to public health. She was elected as President of FPM on a manifesto to drive more interest in the treatment of infection, investment in women’s health and continuing to support innovation in and raise standards of pharmaceutical medicine.

Flic has stepped down as Managing Partner of tranScrip to take on this role. However, she will still serve on the tranScrip’s Board and continue to support tranScrip’s clients. Dr Marcin Mankowski (also a co-founder of tranScrip) has been appointed as tranScrip’s new Managing Partner (PR).

FPM has a mission to advance the science and practice of pharmaceutical medicine. Following its formation as a collegiate body in 1989, the discipline was formally recognised as a UK medical speciality in 2002. In 2005, the UK General Medical Council awarded the first certifications for the medical specialty training. The GMC also authorised a revalidation scheme for specialty pharmaceutical physicians to keep their license to practice medicine during their pharmaceutical career. Many UK physicians involved in pharma and in the regulatory agency train and revalidate through FPM and many pharmaceutical medicine specialists now both within and without the UK undertake training programmes overseen and certified by the FPM.

Dr Flic Gabbay commented: “I am honoured and excited about taking on the role of President. FPM’s influence and membership has grown substantially in recent years. In the COVID-19 era, the specialty of pharmaceutical medicine has become a cornerstone of supporting the successful control of the pandemic, particularly the rapid introduction and regulation of new vaccines and medicines. Those who work in pharmaceutical medicine are passionate about what they do. I hope I can deliver for them the leadership to continue the upward trajectory in the discipline in a period when advances in biotechnology are driving innovation in life sciences at a pace we have never seen before.”

Dr Marcin Mankowski commented: “On behalf of tranScrip, I would like to congratulate Flic on this prestigious achievement. We look forward to Flic inspiring others in her new role. We are very happy she will continue providing valuable input and support to tranScrip’s Board and to developing our client relationships.”

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