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tranScrip’s Sustainability Commitments

26 Nov 21

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tranScrip’s Mission to Offset our Carbon Emissions

tranScrip is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business.

Last January, our JP Morgan donation initiative was to plant a tree for every meeting we held. Through hosting meetings with our existing, current and prospective clients, we were able to plant 89 trees and succeeded in offsetting a whole years’ worth of carbon emissions in only one month (PR).

Since the beginning of lockdown, we have seen a dramatic drop in the amount of carbon we are producing. As we move into 2022, and congresses start to transition back to face-to-face, we want to make sure we continue to be environmentally conscious and offset any carbon we create.

Reducing our Impact

Although these reductions represent great progress, we are conscious that the remaining emissions that we produce still contribute to climate change. tranScrip’s mission is to reduce emissions from our business travel by limiting attendance to congresses, championing the use of online meetings and supporting charities that focus on making a positive impact on climate change.

tranScrip’s Sustainability Commitments

Another of tranScrip’s passions is making a positive contribution to global health and societal advancement through our work with clients and our scientific expertise. We believe that everyone, everywhere should be provided with the necessities they deserve.

Our 2022 JP Morgan donation initiative is to donate to two charities for every meeting we hold, virtually or face-to-face in San Francisco. Water Aid and Freedom to Learn both invest in ensuring those who live in extreme poverty have access to safe water, sanitation, hygiene and education.

Water Aid

Everyone, everywhere deserves clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Water Aid’s important mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

By donating before the 15 February 2022, the UK government has pledged to match contributions up to £2 million – making double the impact!

Freedom to Learn

Everyone, everywhere deserves the opportunity to an education. This is something tranScrip is incredibly passionate about and why we have supported Freedom to Learn (FtL) since tranScrip’s inception in 2008.

FtL works to provide the opportunity of education to children in some of the remotest regions of Himalayas and South Asia. They are making a difference year upon year with not only the number of children attending school but also the academic results and the impact it is having on the local community.

Meet us at Biotech Showcase and BIO at JP Morgan

You can help support our cause by scheduling a meeting with one of our highly experienced industry professionals either face-to-face in San Francisco or virtually.

Flic Gabbay, Founding and Senior Partner will be in San Francisco from 9-12 January and would be delighted to meet with you. Alternatively, you can schedule a virtual meeting.

Email or search ‘tranScrip’ and contact us via the One-on-One Partnering platform at BIO at JP Morgan.

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