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02 Nov 21

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tranScrip is back thriving for the third time! Over the years, tranScrip has supported numerous charities from Tall Ships and Findacure to WellChild Helping Hands. One local charity we have supported for a number of years is Thrive.

Thrive was founded in 1978 and use various social and therapeutic horticulture approaches to bring about positive change in the lives of people living with disabilities or ill health. Decade’s worth of research has clearly demonstrated that gardening is not only good for your physical and mental health but can also help people overcome feelings of isolation.

Last month, a team of eleven tranScrip employees came together to offer support to the amazing team at Thrive. The weather was on our side as we got our hands dirty helping renovate parts of the grounds, whilst meeting some truly inspirational people. The team all agreed not only was it such a fulfilling and wholesome experience, but it was a wonderful way to reconnect after such a prolonged period of working remotely. For some of our new employees it was the first-time meeting everyone face-to-face.

Here is what we got up to:

The first team, nicknamed ‘The Responsible Ones’ were tasked with redeveloping the compost bins. The wooden compost bins were starting to break away and rot so needed to be broken down and either upcycled or burnt. The compost needed relocating and then the original site needed to be dug out and levelled off. Kate Dawson, Marcin Mankowski, Karen Nugent and Phil Barrington did such an amazing job and managed to complete the task before it was time to break for lunch!

The second team, nicknamed ‘Too Hot to Handle’, were tasked with collecting cuttings, wood and anything else which could start a fire. The team were easily distracted, and Ashton Brooke-Thorne, Emily Holloway and Lizzy Rankin were caught pushing each other around in wheelbarrows and engaging in stick wars. But then it was down to business and the selected ‘Fire Chief’, Chris Brearley, came up with a strategic plan of building the fire foundations to ensure easier ignition. Before long, the fire was roaring. We were literally ‘too hot to handle’ with a minor singed hair injury!

The third team, nicknamed ‘Cutting Hedge Technology’, were tasked with trimming back an overgrown hedge and tidying up the borders. Melinda Makepeace, Beth Anderson and Francesca Relf must have been recognised as the sensible team of the group as they were the only ones allowed to use power tools. Thankfully, no injuries occurred!

After lunch, it was time to swap roles and move on to other tasks, which involved, trimming the borders around the allotment, edging the path, collecting gardening waste and keeping the fire going. Even though energy levels were starting to diminish, we all pulled together to get the job done and exerted ourselves, some a little too much… Marcin, tranScrip’s Managing Partner, managed to get a rose thorn embedded into his finger and had to get it surgically removed! – taking ‘working your fingers to the bone’ a little too literally.

On behalf of everyone involved from tranScrip we would like to thank the team at Thrive for allowing us to be involved and for making the day so much fun!

The second tranScrip team are looking forward to joining you next week!

For more information or to ‘Get Involved’ with Thrive, please visit their website.

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