Portfolio Management and Commercialisation

Our commercial experts will help you ensure scientific innovation delivers commercial success in a rapidly evolving environment.

We begin with the end in mind. Our goal, as yours, is to ensure that the patients that need and deserve innovative medicines have access to them post-approval. That’s why commercial input, direction and strategy is crucial from early development right through to launch and beyond.

So whether it is a target product profile in early development or a go-to market global strategy and resource model for launch our experts are ready to support you.

Let our experts help you maximise the commercial value of your innovation.

We can support your commercial strategies at every stage of the product life-cycle, from discovery to post-authorization and launch.

We're able to quickly and efficiently mobilise our therapeutic, strategic and operational expertise to help you make informed decisions. This will drive your in-house portfolio and in-licensing projects to achieve long-term commercial success.

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Pricing and market access

Often known as the 4th hurdle in bringing a medicine to market, pricing and market access decisions are vital to the overall success of your product.

We have the technical abilities and experience to support across the pricing and market access arena, from advising on HTA clinical trial end-points, to pricing recommendations, and mapping the payer environment. We can also manage your HTA submission dossier.

Market understanding

Entering a new therapeutic or geographical area can pose a number of questions which need to be explored and understood. Working across various data providers, we can bring simplicity to complex and diverse data sources to help you understand those key questions and evaluate commercial opportunities

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing helps you to maximise opportunities to build competitive advantage whilst delivering customer value, patient outcomes and revenue generation.

Strategic marketing begins early in the development lifecycle to help understand where your product can win against the competition and what supporting claims and data are likely to be required.

We can help you build your strategy, through TPP development, market/customer segmentation and strategic planning.

Portfolio optimisation

Portfolio management and optimisation helps you understand how decisions impact the wider portfolio.

Our expertise in this area spans indications assessments, inlicensing/outlicensing opportunities, life cycle management assessments and strategic portfolio positioning.

Launch planning and readiness

Launch is an exciting time for any company!

Most launches struggle to change their launch trajectory after the first 3 months, so it’s crucial to plan effectively across commercial, medical and market access.

Our team have supported in excess of 15 product launches across multiple therapy areas and geographies and can either plan your launch for you or assess the readiness of the organisation to launch.

Go to market model & resource planning

What is the optimal size and structure for your commercial and medical organisation at the country level? If I add more resource will I be more profitable?

We can help you support these and other questions on how to best resource and structure your commercial teams.

How can we support you?

We provide expertise in the review of data, analysis of any perceived commercial gaps – factoring in assessment of medical needs and clinical, regulatory and commercial viability. Our services include creation and/or a thorough review and analysis of target product profiles, alongside market and product patient-based forecast modelling.

Beyond that, we develop regulatory and development strategies, then assess their effectiveness and suitability throughout the process. Our team also identifies key development programme milestones to ensure everything proceeds according to plan.

Should anything unexpected occur along the way, our team will react rapidly to get things back on track.

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09 May 23

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