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Linda Summerton


Chief Scientific Officer

Linda is a senior industry leader and drug development expert with more than 30 years of industry experience and has held senior positions in big pharma and biotech at CEO and SVP level. She is an expert in oncology and respiratory medicine and is a senior leader of clinical and cross-functional development teams.

Linda has a PhD in chemistry from Cambridge UK and a NATO post-doctoral Fellowship in structural biochemistry.

Prior to joining tranScrip, Linda spent 16 years in large pharma, including at AstraZeneca, where she was the head of strategy and portfolio for oncology and infection and at Merck KGaA, where she was SVP Portfolio and Project Integration (PPI).

She was also a partner at Celtic Pharma Holdings, where she was responsible for identifying investment opportunities as well as managing acquired assets, including roles as head of clinical and preclinical development at Cantab Biopharmaceuticals, CEO at Novacta Biosystems and CEO at Dialog Devices.

At tranScrip, Linda leads the ever-expanding scientific affairs department of pharmaceutical physicians and subject matter experts, while still providing strategic support to our clients, particularly in oncology.

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