Lost in Translation: Design to Implementation Featured Image

Lost in Translation: Design to Implementation

04 Oct 23

By Karen Nugent

Efficiently progressing innovative medicines from research through the clinic is important to maximise the return on investment for any biotech or Pharma company. Progress must be based on robust planning, delivery, and oversight of well-designed clinical studies to increase the probability of success.

This 2nd session in our “Lost in Translation” series, led by tranScrip, will focus on navigating through planning and execution of early clinical trials focussed on delivery of high-quality data to enable critical decisions with the desired “end-in-mind”.

We will explore how companies navigate through early development covering areas such as smart design and mapping to the Target Product Profile, the criticality of selecting the right outsourcing model, ensuring robust clinical trial oversight, and, where to conduct your Phase 1 studies. We will hear from our seasoned panellists about their experiences, what made the difference, pain points, and bugbears.

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