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Medical Device UKCA Series

12 Jun 23

Why do you need this Medical Device Series?

In 2022 the tranScrip team attended the Medica trade fair in Germany and it became clear from our discussions with many exhibitors that there is little understanding from non-European manufacturers about the legislative changes for medical devices within the United Kingdom as a result of Brexit.

Determined to help manufacturers better understand the entry requirements for the UK, the tranScrip medical device team decided to create a series of downloads to provide an overview of the legalisation.

Our aim is to help manufacturers gain entry to the UK market and remain in compliance with the evolving UK Medical Device Regulation.

Here at tranScrip we understand the complexity of medical device legislation and know, that sometimes, the best approach is to strip back the jargon and keep it simple.  We have created 4 free downloadable videos, which will be made available via the website.

Part 1 – What are the post Brexit requirements for medical devices in the UK? Access this free download
Part 2 – What is a United Kingdom Responsible Person (UKRP) and who needs one? Access this free download
Part 3 – When should I apply for a UKCA mark? Access this free download
Part 4 – What labelling is required to comply with UK legislation? Access this free download

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